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We are a dedicated team of experienced founders and mentors who support startups in the earliest stage – with  definitive services designed to put your DLT startup on the map.  

Website & Wallet Development

TMBK2 come alongside inspired company founders who challenge massive global markets and build trailblazing DLT technology solutions that solve real world problems.

Your website is the place where relationships with your customers begin. TMBK2’s creative team of professional website and wallet developers create custom products fitting your vision and goals. A dynamic development team can deliver your most vital messages and strategies through reliable UX/UI design that gets people talking about your innovations. From research and conception through to front-end design and back-end development, our partners also develop custom cryptocurrency wallets for your venture.


White Paper & Design

One of TMBK2’s strengths is gathering all your important company facts, data and diagrams together into a cohesive, custom-formatted White Paper.

In a proven process involving documented research, a thorough analysis of industry trends, and an eye for engaging copy and graphic design, TMBK2 make sure your White Paper guides readers toward a firm understanding of your concept, foundation, business case and benefits of contribution to your project. An excellent White Paper establishes your thought leadership within your industry and builds credibility with investors, channel partners and customers.

White Paper

Content Marketing

TMBK2 delivers consistent and strategic content marketing that’s insightful, relevant and designed to reach your specific prospects and customers.

Content created about the way you solve real-world problems has two vital ingredients: value and relevance. These are essential if your audience is going to become aware of the solutions you offer. A potential investor or customer does their own research before engaging with you. TMBK2 helps your audience find value and relevance in the content made public about your brand. This results in sales and ongoing engagement.

Content Marketing

Community Management

TMBK2 cares about your global community and advocates on your behalf with potential investors, customers and the general public audience.

Active listening within your stakeholder and audience groups promotes good communication. Driving early adoption, your TMBK2 community manager will conduct research, create outreach campaigns and grow a base of relevant followers to your social media accounts. Connecting through conversations, sharing relevant content, and responding to questions, the growth of your global community is encouraged at a human-to-human level. And by measuring your brand’s analytics, constant improvement is assured.

Community Management


DAMiFAN TR&D is building a blockchain-based mobile application for farmers and a web application for co-operatives involved in the rice crop supply chain with a pilot in Heilongjiang province in China.

Positioned to champion a more humane culture within the industry, DAMiFAN aims to bring sustainable food security to everyone who eats rice.DAMiFAN TR&D is building a blockchain-based mobile application for farmers and web application for co-operatives involved in the rice crop supply chain with a pilot in Heilongjiang province in China.

Damifan Visit Website


CDCC is an innovative DLT startup focused on building the first global asset trading platform with blockchain technology R&D and application.

In early 2017, blockchain assets were prohibited and then accepted and legalized, meaning blockchain assets are a future development trend that cannot be ignored. Many exchanges are “put together quickly” by technical architects who have little or even no experience in finance or in operating an exchange. A professional team capable of building an exchange platform from the ground up and making sure it runs with security, efficiency, speed and scalability is critical.

Cdcc Visit Website

TRE Chain Foundation

TreChain is a startup set to transform the way global natural resources are managed by building a next-generation, decentralized management system.

The global resources industry doesn’t lend itself to becoming globalized. Complicated supply chain systems often lead to sudden rises in resource prices, information about resources lacks transparency, and circulation is inconvenient, which leads to wasted resources and unnecessary duplication of activities and procedures. TreChain is establishing a source searchable, direction traceable and liability pursuable on-chain system for big data related to the natural resources of Earth and beyond.

Trechain Visit Website

A streamlined process

Focused on transformative DLT and beneficial social enterprise, TMBK2 offers your DLT startup advice on process, serving as a consultant.

As experienced pioneers of global and award-winning Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) enterprises, the TMBK2 team provides deep insight and practical knowledge to founders whose goal is to deliver trailblazing DLT solutions that solve real world problems. Our professional consulting team has history and expertise in financial services, global deployment, operational procedure and policy making, with the capacity to inform decision-making at every stage in a company’s life-cycle, at the highest level.

Active board advisory

The best investment you can make for your DLT startup at the earliest stage, is bringing TMBK2 on as an active member of your advisory board.

Recognisable in the emerging field of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and beneficial social enterprise, the TMBK2 team is known for its support and commitments within the sector. Beneficial in generating investor interest, sourcing useful startup resources, and contributing a hands-on approach to company development, TMBK2 accepts negotiated equity in return for our participation as an active member of advisory boards, supporting DLT business founders in solving real world problems today.

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